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hello hi i made the anti choice five nights at freddys post. it currently has over five THOUSAND notes. I was wrong about the desolate hope. here’s a link with a statement from the creator

i never saw this article, but if i knew the post would have gotten this many notes, i would have done better fact checking. i made the post to inform my friends and didn’t think it would even be reblogged

i’m deleting the post and i ask everyone to stop reblogging it, and to inform anyone reblogging it that i was wrong and i would like the post to be deleted.

reblog this if you Want to clear up the matter. i ask you to delete the original post, but if you want to keep me held responsible, that’s cool. 


jontron all heart eyes telling neil cicieraga that he’s a fan of his, and the first words neil shares with jontron are basically “hahaha oh yeah you’re that pissbaby who dismissed a really important issue a fan had regarding your work”


  1. artist: My Chemical Romance
  2. track: Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Make no apology
It’s death or victory
On my authority
Crash and burn
Young and loaded


Stop calling what’s happening in Ferguson a “riot”.

It is not a riot.

Vancouver losing the Stanley Cup a few years ago was a riot. It was angry, drunken destruction with no purpose. (And as a Canadian, it was a shameful event)

Ferguson is not a riot. It is a protest. It is an uprising. It is a civil rights revolution. The prople of Ferguson may be angry, but they have a reason to be angry, and they are not violent, and they are not hooligans, thugs or looters. They are protesting for their human rights which are currently being denied.

Look at the difference between a riot and a protest. A riot is chaos. A protest has a purpose.

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takasugi never forgets those who have wronged him in the past


quick summary of the Haikyuu!! kids


quick summary of the Haikyuu!! kids


also people should keep in mind that sometimes when an artist says “doodle" what they mean is "stress-free art”. that doesn’t necessarily mean that the “doodle” they made is something that they didn’t work hard at or didn’t spend a long time on. some people get really out of control when they see impressive works and the artist write “just a doodle” and they think, this is it, this is the end, im no longer going to be an artist, how can i possibly compare myself.

sometimes “just a doodle” means “not working on commissions or something work-based”, so don’t fret yourselves. plus not everyone who posts art plans on a bunch of people seeing it. you don’t really expect your stupid poorly written artist caption to be seen by a lot of people via reblogs,


People are giving Wilson money to thank him for killing an unarmed black teenager. Please report this to GoFundMe, as it violates their Terms of Service and they get 5% of the tens of thousands of dollars being donated. Click to report.

This is my message, in case you want to copy and paste:

Your Terms of Service prohibit “items that promote… hate, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime.” Take a look at the comments that come with the donations on this page and tell me that doesn’t violate your terms. “Support Officer Wilson” is a thin veil for people rewarding Wilson for killing a black kid.



i didn’t give any source on the five nights at freddy’s post so here’s some info:

his name is scott cawthon and before he made five nights, he made tons of christian games, not all of which are on his website but he’s talked about a lot on hope animation

they made a post about the pro life game here

so uh i did some digging and scott made a comment here and said that he removed the ending bit that people were interpreting as pro life which was not in fact pro life.

you fucked up.




Tadokoro overcame eating problems and became proud of his body and a successful athlete all while being fat. do you understand how important that is to young people who hate their bodies, hate their fat, have eating disorders, think they have to lose weight to be acceptable? stop taking that away from us

being fat is directly counter-productive to an athletic career, increasing the amount of effort required to simply move your body, not to mention restricting flexibility and putting excess stress on the cardiovascular system

if tadokoro can be that good while still being fat, he would be a hundred times better if he lost weight

it’s weird how people never say anything like this about all the weird dangerous stuff in bike show, like how Machimya violently pummels his own chest while dancing, like how Midou is constantly pulling all kinds of wild stunts that must be agony on the body (there is no way that kid is making it past 30 without some sort of joint pain or even arthritis), no one ever utters a peep about how injuring yourself is “directly counter-productive to an athletic career”

but the moment someone says how it’s really important to show heavier athletes on a show about sports, people start breaking out the “well he’d be better if he lost weight”  ”well he can be big but not FAT :/”

which is REALLY funny because literally the whole point of Tado’s arc was learning that, no, one doesn’t have to lose a drastic amount of weight to be a better athlete, he’s actually a BETTER sprinter because of his size!! it’s literally said in the show that it makes him better at speed and better at drafting for the team

THAT’s what really gets me about reactions like this, it isn’t people overlooking all the ridiculous stuff in the series to say how bigger people being good athletes is ~unrealistic~, it’s that it LITERALLY goes against one of the major points of the story. sorry, corgilosophy, but everything about this response tastes rotten



I recorded this last night. The volume was mad low because my daughter was sleeping, so that’s my annoying mistake. But the audio is clear, just turn up your volume or use headphones and listen closely to the astonishingly malicious reporting from CNN International (which takes over American CNN every night for some reason).

They have 3 [Black] eyewitnesses, which they completely disregard by framing a false equivalency with— and I’m not making this up, "an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers"

Whaaaaaat? You’re rebutting 3 eyewitnesses with  an anonymous caller who did NOT even see the events AND is a friend of the shooter? Really?

Where they do that at?

CNN continues, “"an anonymous caller who did NOT witness the shooting BUT is a friend of the officers says Michael Brown was the aggressor, which CNN has CONFIRMED matches the account officer Wilson gave authorities.”

Oh, you confirmed it did you? Of course it matches, she’s representing the guy who will literally say anything to stay out of jail. She already admitted that she could not possibly know if what she’s saying is true, and CNN broadcasts it around the world. Think about that. They use the word “confirmed” in an attempt to add validity to propoganda, while making it sound like they did some work.  

Then, as if that wasn’t crazy enough, they immediately play the ANONYMOUS person’s call/version of events on TV!! (With captioning to make sure the narrative really burns into your consciousness.) Her version has literally zero merit. They did not play any of the eyewitness accounts and went straight to a play-by-play from someone who WASN’T EVEN THERE??!!

That is a gross violation of journalistic responsibility and public trust.

The question is not “if” but why; why have news networks chosen a side?

(Granted, none of these accounts are given under oath; none are automatically true. But at least ask people who could possibly be of value.)



hey, just an fyi, the creator of five nights at freddy’s is extremely anti choice and even made a pro life video game called The Desolate Hope that’s also on steam.

if you want to play five nights, please torrent it. don’t give him any money.


I just discovered the term “spectrumslide” as an alternative to the term “genderbend” and I REALLY think people should start using it and loving it as much as I do. It takes into account both the gender and sex spectrums, so not only is it not transphobic, it also is a lot more interesting and fun to experiment with.


Shiemi Appreciation Week

Day 04. Exwires

Shiemi and Izumo

'…you may hate me, but i really like you a lot!'